Module 1: Be Your Own Best Friend

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Centering Meditation

Closing Visualization

Bonus Practice: Shower of Love

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  1. Post your reflections on where you are at right now. 
  • Do you have any physical challenges? 
  • Have you been trying to change your body through dieting? 
  • Has it worked? 
  • What are your judgments of your body? 
  • How is your sex life? 
  • How does your relationship with your body affect your sex life? 
  • How does your body image affect  your confidence, your relationships, your work and life in general? 
  • If you tried to lose weight, what did you hope will happen once you lose weight?
  • What do you hope creating the gorgeous body you love will provide? 
  • What do you sense will become possible for you once you create a loving partnership with your body?

2. Talk to your inner critic again. 

3. Practice standing under the waterfall of love and acceptance 3-5 times a week.