How To Becom​​​​e A

Magnetically Radiant Woman


Unleash your confidence and create the 

body you love... with ease and pleasure

Today is the day you decide if this is the road for you

Are you tired of


judging yourself

and hating your

 reflection in the


Do you

sometimes feel

that your body 

is against you?

Do you wish you

could feel

confident and

attractive in your

own skin?

Are you tired of

trying to figure 

what is best 

for you and how

to take care of

your body, so

you feel your best?

No matter how you feel now,

 you have the power to change your reality

Over a decade ago, when I was working as a chartered accountant and married to my then husband, I felt so unsure of myself. I felt jealous of all the beautiful women around and was constantly comparing myself to them. It drove me nuts, but I just couldn’t do anything about it. I knew I should enjoy sex, but it wasn’t that pleasurable.

I had pimples. I hated my skin and my body for not giving me a clear complexion and being more beautiful, so I could be more loveable. I thought my unhappiness was the fault of my body. My body is against me, my enemy. I was constantly concerned about what I was eating, how much I ate, and how I looked. I thought, if only I can be thinner, my husband would love me more and then I'd be happy. 

No matter what I did, my husband never seemed to be happy with me. I was constantly sick, felt miserable and frustrated and knew I have to change something. But what? I resigned, divorced and went travelling around the world to discover how make my body feel better and how to have a happier life.

I immersed myself in the study and went to numerous training and workshops to learn as much as I could about body, blissful sex life, and healthy diets I spent tens of thousands of dollars on my education, and that’s after I got two degrees from the University. I got certified as a health coach by the American Institute of Drugless Practitioners, feminine power coach, relationship coach, Tony Robbins interventionist coach and awakened sexuality coach.







Now I want to share it with you.

With this key you will create the body you love, unleash your confidence and become a magnetically radiant woman. That’s why I created Ignite Your Radiance program and put years of my experience working with private clients and leading workshops, my heart and soul into this program.

  When you unlock your body's wisdom, you'll stop struggling with diets and body weight.

Together, as friends, you’ll choose what’s best for you. Eating well and taking care of yourself will become pleasurable and second-nature to you

Ignite your radiance system is your roadmap to unshakable confidence, vibrant health and magnetic radiance.

It’s about a lot more than just creating an empowered relationship with your body. You will also discover how this primal relationship is essential if you want to be a successful mom, partner, and professional. 

  • Imagine feeling lighter, healthier and happier

  • Imagine feeling confident and attractive in your own skin.

  • Imagine liking your reflection in the mirror​​​​​​​​

  • Imagine having the confidence to ask for that promotion or show up in your business in a bigger way to create more money and success

  • Imagine enjoying delicious sex life with your partner or attracting the right partner for you because you shine so bright.

  • Imagine jumping out of bed in the morning full of energy and excitement about what the day will bring!

This is all possible for you!

You are born to be happy and loved! To feel radiant. You don’t need to settle for anything less than your fulfilment.

It’s amazing how good I feel about myself!

I felt so drained in my relationship, everything seemed like a struggle and I just couldn’t find time for myself. I used to hate my body, judge my fat belly and I just wasn’t motivated to change my diet.

After working with Tarisha I started to feel excited about looking after myself. I’m not in my perfect shape, but it’s amazing how good I feel about myself. It’s surprising. And now I’m motivated to change my diet and am taking steps towards healthier me. I feel light and a lot happier.

The relationship with my husband has changed dramatically, I want to spend time with with him, I feel I can be myself around him and I enjoy our time together. Life is just way more pleasurable now.

Barbara, New Zealand

I feel my own inner radiance!

Before working with Tarisha I felt like I was hopelessly stuck in myself as being sexless, lacking femininity, not much energy or interest to make love, and a never ending to do list.

Yes - real change IS possible! I'm so grateful to be on this discovery journey with Tarisha.  I feel I'm given a big toolbox with life skills which I will use the rest of my life. 

I can feel my own inner radiance and know how to "charge" myself. Radiance is true beauty and could get even better with age, just like a fine wine...
I feel more joy over being me, and an openness and connection to the sensual and sexual me in every day life. The change in my marriage is most pleasurable....
This is more important than going abroad or renovating the house or buying new clothes.

Madelene, Sweden

The wonderful thing is, 
you don’t have to change your body weight and shape to love your body and become radiant.

It’s all about being the shape and weight that’s right for you. And if it’s healthier for you to lose some weight, you will do that with ease through my Ignite Your Radiance system, just as a side effect. 

Wonderful, right?

The main focus of my upcoming course is creating an unshakable connection with your body, and unleashing your body’s ancient wisdom so that you become vibrantly healthy and magnetic.

Think of it this way - you’re born a female generating 100 kilowatts, but because of cultural norms and socialising you now only generate 5 kilowatts. During this course you will discover how to generate at your highest capacity and change the light bulb to the brightest one, because it’s more pleasurable and fun to live fully lit up and express your true essence.


The good news is, it’s easier than ​​​​you think to get back on track!

Now I'm in an awesome new relationship. I feel loved and connected.

I and my partner were in a rut. We were more like mates than lovers. I felt like I’m too old for love and shouldn’t expect too much. I gave up on my passions and settled for less. But this was making me feel very sad and desperate.

Through working with Tarisha, I let go of a relationship that wasn’t working for me and realized how much I devalued myself and settled for less in that relationship. Now I’m in an awesome new relationship with a delicious man, we are travelling together all over the world, just like I dreamt. I feel loved and connected. I enjoy our sensuality, sex is wonderful, and I feel safe in my relationship. Now, more often than not, I feel light, expansive, alive, and lit up. And I’m more connected to my feminine energy and sexuality.

Diana. UK

I connected to my sensuality. It's delicious!

Working with Tarisha really helped me release my fears around expressing myself and helped me connect to my sensuality. It’s delicious! 

Akke, New Zealand

Ignite Your Radiance is a live,

interactive, online, 3-month course.

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    You can participate in the course in the safety and comfort of your own home.You don’t have to travel anywhere and you will be able to listen to the recordings as many times as you’d like.
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    In this course, I will take you step-by-step through a system to an unshakable self-confidence and magnetic radiance.You will learn specific practices to create a deep connection with your body and will feel radiant from the inside out. No amount of makeup will ever give you this feeling, right?


Petal 1 

Be Your Own Best Friend

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    Understand why you’ve been so judgmental about your body in the first place, seeing it as an enemy or a source of limitation, when it’s actually a source of joy and pleasure.
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    Experience a deep and profound sense of self-acceptance and awaken to a possibility of igniting your magnetic radiance.
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    Silence your inner critic and transform her into your bet friend to access limitless support.
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    Start to dissolve your sense of not enoughness and your shame about your body, then you can begin to feel at peace with your body as it is right now.
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    Discover why accepting and loving your body opens the doors to success, and impacts your loving intimate relationships in a healthy positive way.

Of all the steps on your path to creating the body you love, this is most fundamental. It’s the key to creating an unshakable foundation so you can start enjoying the pleasures of your body, and get into the best shape for you.

Petal 2

Partner with your body

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    Learn how to have an empowered relationship with your emotions in order to free yourself once and for all from unhelpful behaviors that sabotage your success in creating the body you love.

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    Recognise the importance of your body image on your confidence.
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    Learn how to relate to your body in a way that gives you unprecedented power to create vibrant health, ignite your radiance, and unleash your confidence no matter how deeply ingrained the negative cultural attitudes are.
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    Come to trust your body compass to guide your actions in order to create ease, love and happiness in your life.
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    Discover the easiest and most effective way to get into the best shape for you, without dieting and strenuous exercise.

There is nothing as freeing, exciting, and confidence-building, as starting to look at your body in a completely new light;one that is centred around loving partnership with your body, rather than judgement and dislike. This step is absolutely critical to creating the body you love and will bring clarity and peace.

Petal 3

Unlock the ancient wisdom of your body

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    Have an embodied experience of the deeper truth of your body and what is truly possible for you and begin creating an empowered relationship with your body.
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    Awaken the beauty and power of your body, understand the myths and truths about your body and your self-image in order to become a powerful magnetic woman.
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    Learn how to listen to your body and give her exactly what she needs to be in her best health and shape.
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    Come to trust your body’s wisdom to guide your actions in order to create your healthiest body with ease and joy.
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    Learn the common 7 body blueprints, figure out your personal blueprint and choose the blueprint you want to embrace from now on.  (Most women are not aware of their blueprint and this keeps them stuck with a blueprint that doesn't’ work for them. Consciously choosing your blueprint is absolutely essential to creating the body you love.)

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    Finally understand the necessary adjustments you must make in your own life so you can create the body you love with success and ease, take care of yourself more effectively, and begin savouring the pleasures of being in the body.

As you’ll find out in this petal, choosing your body blueprint and unlocking your body’s ancient wisdom will give you a sense of freedom, possibility and joy. Choosing your own blueprint will help you transcend negative body judgements, and stay on your true path to deep attunement and love affair with your body.

Petal 4

Activate the power of your sexuality 

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    Discover why activating the power of your sexuality is imperative if you want to be a magnetic woman.
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    Learn ancient, yet simple, practices to discover the fire within, regardless of how disconnected you feel from your sexuality right now. There is a way that works, and I will show you how to practice it.
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    Discover the secrets to creating ecstatic intimacy with a romantic partner.
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    Learn why you can only become your authentic self and create the body you love if you delight in your sexuality.
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    Understand the true purpose of your sexuality, and how to begin utilising the power of your sexuality on your own behalf. This is not just about sex, but stepping into your full power, unleashing your confidence, becoming a great role model for your children, enjoying vibrant health and even creating greater success at work.
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    Awaken your radiant sexual essence and celebrate your magnetic sexuality to unleash your creativity and manifest your dreams.

Many women feel ashamed of their sexuality or not sure how to be with it in the world. The knowledge of this petal will help you to feel relaxed and confident in your radiant sexual essence, knowing that your sexuality is your strength. There is no way to create the body you love if you skip this step.

Petal 5

Ignite your magnetic radiance 

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    Discover your true value and fall deeply in love with yourself.
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    Ignite your magnetic radiance, in spite of any physical imperfections you may believe you have.
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    Awaken your body to an experience of blissful aliveness and vibrant health.
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    Begin enjoying the current of pleasure running through your body and appreciate sweetness of simple moments of your life.
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    Discover how to authentically express yourself in ways that are magnetic and inspire men to support, cherish, and respect you.
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    Learn how to generate deep friendships with women that support and nourish you.
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    Begin to create your Personal Radiance Map, a long-term plan that will guide you for days, months, and years, towards more radiance, health and confidence.
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    Anchor yourself in your daily body love lifestyle so you can face the body shaming culture, that is still pervasive everywhere you turn, and still be able to enjoy your body.

I know that just giving you information is not going to help you transform your relationship with your body. I will give you specific exercises for each step and you will do them during the program. These exercises will allow you to have an embodied experience of the deeper truth of your body and what is truly possible for you.

Through this process, you will come to the centre of the flower. In this centre, you’ll 

experience acceptance, pleasure of being in your body, and flourishing. It’s your time to

bloom, right?

I know that just giving you information is not going to help you transform your relationship

 with your body. I will give you specific exercises for each step and you will do them during

 the program. These exercises will allow you to have an embodied experience of the deeper

 truth of your body and what is truly possible for you.

Unlock the richer, more luscious life.

found Tarisha's course, with her potent practices, depth of experience and embodied teachings, to be like discovering a  treasure buried long ago that awaited my return with just the keys that Tarisha provided. 

I would highly recommend this course to any woman who wants to unlock the richer, more luscious life that already is within her!

ML, physician, Ashland, Oregon

I've been able to reconnect far more deeply with my husband

I was very good at supporting others but, although I took care of myself in many ways, there was a sense that I could be more present with myself and love my life more. 

This course has been quite a journey. I found that in a lot of ways I could no longer carry on as before but had to stop and listen to my body. I accessed such wisdom and power through the practices shared and the community. I didn't show up live on the calls as they were late for me, instead I caught up with the recordings and shared in the private Facebook group. I still felt very included and witnessed. I've been presencing my needs far more and really listening to myself.

I've felt isolated and unable to cope and overwhelmed by my son's energy. It's through Tarisha’s course that I've been able to reconnect far more deeply with my husband and ask for his support. This time he's heard.

Sam Rock Cooper, Bristol, UK,

Once you join the program you will get:

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    7 in-depth transformational webinar sessions, showing exactly what steps you need to take to create the body you love and ignite your radiance.
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    “Never Miss A Call” full access to recordings of those webinar sessions - watch anywhere and at the time that works for you!
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    “Easy To Follow” PDF transcripts of the webinars so you can go through them at your own pace and you can highlight places that you want to pay special attention to.
  • check
    Worksheets and videos with 4 simple yet profound techniques to connect with your body to figure out what you need to do to create health and ease in your body.
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    “Feel Radiant In 3 Minutes A Day,” a simple time-efficient daily practice, so you never have a bad hair day again and always feel prepared for that important meeting.

  • check
    “Live In Peace,” 3 inner critic interruption techniques to stop yourself from going into a negative spiral and feel worse and worse about yourself and your life.

You’ll be supported the entire time. As soon as you join, my client care team will 

give you a call to set up you for success and answer any questions you might have.



Bonus #1

2 private coaching sessions

You are unique, so getting private coaching is invaluable.


Bonus #2

“Your Unique Problems Solved” 3 months of group mentoring sessions

Having an opportunity to ask your questions as you go through the material and listen to other women getting more clarity is extremely useful in your ability to unlock your power and creating a friendly connection with your body.


Bonus #3

Unleash Your Confidence” half-day virtual retreat

During the retreat you'll experience a deep and profound sense of self-worth that doesn’t depend on any external factors and this will allow you to open up to highest possibilities of your life.


Bonus #4

Ignite Your Radiance exclusive Facebook community page


Total Value


And you can get everything for an investment of only 

$997 or 6 monthly payments of $197!


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 go through the modules and if you are not completely satisfied, let me know within 30 days from the

 date of purchase and I will fully refund your investment.


I am super excited to have you join me and a group of smart gorgeous women.

You have a choice to make. I get it. There were times when I chose to invest in myself, and I can tell you, those were by far the most pivotal times of my life.

And those choices always had a positive effect on my life and opened new possibilities. Yes, the decisions took courage, and I’m so grateful I had the courage and inspiration to make them.

If you feel that this program is right for you, sponsor yourself and use your courage to create a new life for yourself.

So, are you ready to become a magnetically 

radiant woman? Are you ready to enjoy 

more love, success, joy and health?

$997 or 6-monthly payments of $197

It’s important to note, I won’t give you lots of theoretical information. I will give you exact processes that will enable you to create the body you love and ignite your radiance.

My system really works. I’ve proven it and I have clients who successfully used my expertise to create a happier life for themselves.

The Ignite Your Radiance course will be one of the best investments you can possibly make in yourself. And all the bonuses are there to help you further in your search for happiness.

Do you realise how much possibility is waiting for you out there?

Click the button below and let me help. You don’t want to be in the same position or worse a year from now, right?

I’ve put years of education and experience of working with hundreds of clients, and my heart and soul in designing this program.

So please, don’t struggle. Join me, our community of brilliant women, and I promise, we will do it together and I’ll be absolutely honoured to support you.

$997 or 6-monthly payments of $197

From Guilt to Confidence around food and losing more than 10 pounds!

I was reading all of the science of nutrition and started to be stressed and confused. After taking the course I stared to trust my body to know what I need in order to thrive and lost more than 10 pounds even without thinking about it.

Zolari, Alaska

I feel my so much more confident!

Before joining the course, I felt totally disconnected from my body.  What I learned very quickly was that radiance is so much more than just physical attributes.  Tarisha masterfully led us through various meditations and exercises, and I was able to connect to my inner body who had so much wisdom to share with me about food, sexuality and how to really hear what my body is telling me I need.  I feel so much more confident moving forward now in the  power of my true radiance!

Kelly Taylor, Tuscon, Arizona

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$997 or 6-monthly payments of $197



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Go through the modules and if you are not completely satisfied, let me know within 30 day from the date of purchase and I will fully refund your investment.

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